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Administrative Procedure 103: School Reviews


School reviews may be used to assist in the establishment and maintenance of appropriate instructional, program and management standards that contribute to a high level of student development and achievement in a school.


  1. The Superintendent has the primary responsibility for the supervision and evaluation of all schools in the Division.

  2. The review of the school will focus on the following:
    1. The suitability of goals, objectives and procedures;
    2. The efficiency of the delivery system to achieve the goals, objectives, procedures; and
    3. The results achieved.

  3. A review of a school may be conducted by review teams composed of:
    1. School system personnel;
    2. Alberta Education personnel;
    3. Invited personnel from other school systems; or
    4. University personnel.

  4. The Superintendent may request Alberta Education to conduct a school review, either in cooperation with the Division, or as an independent evaluator.

  5. The review may include a review of:
    1. Stakeholder satisfaction;
    2. Student success;
    3. Facility adequacy;
    4. Program quality;
    5. Support services; or
    6. Any other factor deemed necessary.